Paula Mathers, Assistant Director of Coverguard, examines how ISIS recruits its members and what leads young, impressionable people to wage jihad

Jihadi John, 7/7, 9/11 and the Boston Bombings are phrases that have become so common that even our children are aware of the meanings and the terror these events can inflict in the minds of the public. They have created Islamophobia; a word without meaning before September 2001, and further segregation within communities that were once close knit and friendly. The increase in the availability and popularity of the internet and how we access it has enabled groups to . . .

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About the author – Paula

Assistant Director of Coverguard Services

Paula Mathers is the Assistant Director of Coverguard Services, and has been with the company since February 2016. With a wealth of experience working within Security and Psychology for the British Government, Paula‘s role includes recruiting and managing the team and liaising directly with customers as well as heading up our more “interesting” work such as covert surveillance, penetration testing, and psychoanalysis. Paula is well published within the world of Psychology but has recently directed her writing skills towards the Security Industry; with her first security paper being published by the Journal Of International Security in October 2016.

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