It was crazy early one morning a couple of weeks ago and I was impatiently waiting for the coffee maker to drip enough of it’s lovely warm liquid into the jug for me to have my first coffee of the morning when the most unusual thing ever happened… My teenage daughter bounced happily into the kitchen!!! For those with teenagers, you know, they never do anything with a smile on their face!! It’s like living with Kevin and Perry (showing my age now!!). Anyway, the cause of her excitement was that Oli White was coming to Milton Keynes to promote his new book. This was a secret I had kept from her because, as we work the WH Smith’s Book Signings, we’re asked to keep the locations quiet until everything has been released to the public.

Our guys (and girls) absolutely love working the book signings as the atmosphere is great; plus they have the added advantage of getting to have a laugh with the author during set-up. Milton Keynes is a hub of activity for celebrities and we’re incredibly lucky to work in the area. The world of security can be incredibly stressful sometimes, so its nice to be able to have these fun jobs every now and then to break up the usual routine 😊