We were asked to help provide security for an elderly gentleman with Dementia.

His property had a large amount of land, some of which was being rented out as a livery yard. A family of undesirables had manipulated the gentleman into allowing them to keep their 6 horses rent-free on the land. They had managed to gain access to the house and had taken copies of the keys to allow themselves unrestricted access. The family were believed to have stolen tens of thousands of pounds in cash from the gentleman, food on a weekly basis, and items from the house as well as poisoning the fish pond and kidnapping the stable cat.

After meeting with the elderly gentleman’s family, and liaising with the local police force, to discuss an action plan to keep their father safe, we worked to install intruder alarms at his home with a panic button, CCTV and hidden cameras, we had the locks changed throughout the property and stables, and the horses safely removed from the property.

We provided an undercover Close Protection operative who posed as a family friend, and stationed Security Officers at the property to prevent unauthorised access to the land. We worked with the family lawyers to have documents signed preventing the undesirable family from returning or causing any further intimidation.

A full psychoanalysis of the individuals concerned was provided, describing expected behaviour throughout and explaining ways to keep the situation under control.

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