Last year we told you how we had pledged to support one of our local schools; Bushfield Middle School in Wolverton. Now that they have had time to put our funding to use, here is what they had to say;

As a supporter of our project we feel it’s important that we update you of how successful the project has been.

Due to your support we have been able to ensure that over 100 children have successfully achieved their ‘bikeability’ qualification. This is a 90% increase from the previous year and have already planned for a further 120 pupils to have the same opportunity next year.

We also plan to engage younger children at our trust partner and feeder school, Wyvern. Using a balance bike programme.

As well as all of this l, Milton Keynes school sport partnership have awarded our cycling project as project of the year at the recent school sports awards and have put the project forward for a county award too.

Again on behalf of the pupil, I would like to thank you for your support and hope we can work together in the future.