Our local community means a great deal to us – it’s our home, we raise our children here, we like to see our neighbourhood thrive. There are times though when others try to spoil this for us; when people steal from pensioners it really gets our goat. Our local allotments are a hub of activity for our ageing population – not to mention the mental stimulation gardening provides. Allotments are a person’s pride and joy, and the amount of work that goes into one is phenomenal. As a plot holder myself, I can vouch for that!! My days off are spent digging, weeding and planting. Tools of the trade cost a small fortune, and the produce tastes so much better when you’ve grown it yourself.

Recently though, thieves have been targeting our local allotments; stealing tools, produce and vandalising plots that have been in some families for generations! Just taking to Nigel on plot number 64 who now runs his dad’s old plot at age 80 gives us a sense of how much these small-holdings mean to some people. As a result, Coverguard Security are providing free of charge security for one of our local allotments. Regular patrols can mean the difference between our older residents giving up on a hobby or thriving socially and mentally, and brimming with pride when they produce that prize-winning marrow!

If I can learn a thing or two from people like Nigel, I will be well on my way with my little patch of land 🙂