Supporting the local community is something that we strive to do as often as we can, and most of the time we don’t tell anyone that we’ve done it. We are a very proud organisation and generally keep things like that just for our staff newsletters. On this occasion though, we have decided to let everyone know what we are doing!!

Coverguard Security are proud to be supporting one of our local schools; Bushfield Middle School in Wolverton.

For anyone who knows Wolverton, you will know that parking is an absolute nightmare. Residents have to park streets away from where they live, congestion around school run time is crazy and all the side streets are grid locked – it is pure mayhem and incredibly dangerous. Bushfield Middle School want to add cycling to their curriculum so that children are encouraged to cycle to school safely. In doing this, they aim to reduce the number of cars dropping off and picking up children and therefore reducing congestion around the area, making it safer for all. Upon hearing of this project, Senior Management were keen to help. Coverguard Security are proud to announce that we have pledged the following;

  • Security advice regarding procurement and placement of a bike shed
  • Identifying stickers for each bicycle with the Bushfield School logo
  • Security stickers on each bike to aid retrieval in case of theft
  • £100 towards the cost of purchasing equipment
  • Reduced cost key holding and alarm response

We have also asked that some of our partner organisations follow suit in order to help this fabulous school. The school are setting an excellent example, and we really hope schemes like this are rolled out nationwide to help make our schools and journeys safer.